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Bio-Radar Sensor for Human Presence Detection, IR24VDA


mmWave Radar Sensor



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    • Commodity name: Bio-Radar Sensor for Human Presence Detection, IR24VDA


    The IR24VDA radar module is a radar detection module based on the millimeter wave Doppler radar theory, which realizes human biological motion perception and human biological perception. This module is based on the enhanced Doppler radar signal processing theory, and realizes wireless perception of the status of personnel in a specific place through the synchronous sensing technology of Doppler parameters of personnel movement and physiological parameters of personnel. It can be tested with our radar test board.(DERADAR-24G)

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    This module has the following working characteristics:
    1. This module limits the detection object to people (moving or stationary), and eliminates the interference of other inanimate objects in the environment;
    2. This module realizes the synchronous perception function of moving personnel and stationary personnel;
    3. This module effectively eliminates the interference of non-living objects, and can also detect non-living moving objects;
    4. The product supports secondary development and adapts to various scenarios;
    5. This module is not affected by factors such as temperature, light, dust, etc. It has high sensitivity and a wide range of applications.




    ●  Detection of stationary human body;

    ●  24GHz millimeter wave radar sensor;

    ●  Based on the frequency modulated continuous wave FMCW radar technology, it realizes the two-dimensional area personnel perception function;

    ●  Realize the synchronous perception function of moving and stationary people;

    ●  Maximum distance of motion perception: ≤13m;

    ●  Maximum distance of slight motion perception: ≤5m;

    ●  Maximum distance of human perception: ≤3m;

    ●  Antenna beam width: horizontal 90°/vertical 60°;

    ●  Possesses the ability to recognize scenes, identify someone/nobody, detect personnel activity status, and output movements signal;

    ●  The output power is small, and long-term exposure does not harm the human body;

    ●  Nobody to someone: within 0.5 seconds;

    ●  Someone to nobody: more than 1 minute.




    The suggested installation methods of this radar module include horizontal installation, inclined installation and top installation.

    Horizontal installation Inclined installation Top installation





    1.  Motion detection function

    2.  Slight motion detection function

    3.  Environmental status assessment

    4.  Early warning design






    The respiration and sleeping monitor radar IR24BDA

    The fall detection function requires the fall detection radar IR24FDA

    * The sleep monitoring function requires the sleep monitoring radar IR24SMA.

    Typical application scenario 1 — Home & Hotel



    Typical application scenario 2 — Office & Hospitals & Nursing homes






    1. Detection Angle and Distance

    Parameters Min Typ Max Unit
    IR24VDA (8 point narrow beam antenna)
    Detecting Distance of Active Personnel - - 13 m
    Perception Distance of Static/Active (slight motion) Personnel - - 5 m
    Radar Detection Angle(Horizontal) - 90 - degree
    Radar Detection Angle(Pitch Angular) - 60 - degree



    2. Electrical Parameters

    Parameters Min Typ Max Unit
    Voltage(VCC) 4.5 5.0 6 V
    Current(ICC) 90 93 100 mA
    Operating IO Input/Output Current (IIO) - 8 20 mA
    Operating Temperature(TOP) -20 - +60
    Storage Temperature(TST) -40 - +80



    3. RF Performance

    Transmission Parameters
    Parameters Min Typ Max Unit
    Working Frequency(fTX 24.0 - 24.25 GHz
    Transmit Power(Pout - - 6 dBm









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