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24G Biological Perception RadarDemo Evaluation Board DERADAR-24G


mmWave Radar Sensor



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    • Commodity name: 24G Biological Perception RadarDemo Evaluation Board DERADAR-24G


    DERADAR-24G is the first version of the demo board targeting at 24GHz radar module from Good Display. It also can be used for 60GHz radar module (IR60TR1A, IR60BH1A, IR60FD1A).  It is designed for better user experience like more convenient and direct experiencing of the radar module performance and faster connecting of wireless general module. Since both the radar module and communication module support Plug/Unplug mode, users can compose their own service platform at will. Due to the extra MCU board docking port, users can also via their own MCU to communicate with the radar and wireless module respectively.

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    ● Manufacturer embedded engineer :Use DERADAR-24G to perform initial development and debugging of embedded program

    ● Maker:Use DERADAR-24G to realize demo of hardware products and develop projects along with communication module

    ● Technology enthusiasts Use DERADAR-24G for quick experiencing the theory, output parameters and interface protocol of radar






    Power supply input mode: Micro USB – DC 5.0V ≥500mA
    Output voltage: DC 5.0V , 3.3V
    TTL serial port: Supports to be the debugging port
    Interface of function board: 24G radar moduleR24VD1B , communication board for wireless module , MCU board, light perception board
    Other: 1 slide switch, 4 indicators






    Functions for each interface
    1 . Communication board interface: 2.0mm single row busbar, serial port connecting to MCU interface and radar interface respectively

    2 . MCU reserved interface: 2.0mm single row busbar,serial port connecting to communication board interface and radar interface respectively

    3 . Radar interface: 2.0mm busbar,standard interface

    4 . light perception board: BH1710

    5 . JP5,JP6,JP7,JP8,JP9 :jump pin,interface selection

    6 . State indicator :from left to right are blue, red, red and green

    7 . Button:Network distribution trigger or user defined

    8 . Micro USB :5.0V ≥500mA power supply






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