The Realization Method About Low Power Consumption E Ink Display


2022-04-28 13:27

In our daily work, quite often times we meet across customers with the same question: How exactly can I lower the power consumption of my E-paper display to the lowest?


In fact, as a new display device developed from micro-capsule technology, one big advantage for E-paper display is that only very little power is eaten when it refreshes and the last image can be held indefinitely on the screen.To realize this low power consumption, we may also need control circuits for help. Listed below are some methods concluded by Good Display:



Method 1

Let E-paper enter Deep Sleep mode where IC data cannot be saved and IC Reset operation is also needed for a second time refresh, current usually around 5uA.

You might get somewhat confused now: What is exactly different when talking about Deep Sleep mode and normally mentioned Sleep mode?
Here’s the chart for a comparison between these two modes for better understanding.




Register Data

Reset for Secondary Refresh

Operating Current





Deep sleep

Not Saved






Code Comparison
Let’s then go more specifically about these two modes with different IC:
1. UC Series
1)Sleep Mode:


2)Deep Sleep Mode:


2. SSD Series
1)Sleep Mode:


2)Deep Sleep Mode:



Method 2

Let E-paper enter stand-by mode where IC data will not lose and no need for Reset operation, current usually around 20uA.

Method 3

Cut off power of E-paper and add a hardware switch at the front of driving circuit, which we usually recommend P-MOS. When E-paper finishes refresh, first it will enter Deep Sleep mode and then control P-MOS directly to disconnect E-paper for zero consumption.

Hope this article can be of reference for our dear customers that wish to realize an ultra-low power display solution. Also welcome to contact us should you have any questions!

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