The Future Has Come—The Best Era For E-paper Display


2022-04-28 13:27

The Future Has Come—The Best Era For E-paper Display

It’s hardly for us to notice how fast time flies that we’ve jumped right into the 4th quarter of the year of 2021. With Covid-19 still wreaking havoc, dragging down the pace of human society, we are forced into contemplate innovative ways of work place, office, efficiency, lifestyle in spite of our already modern and fast-updating technologies to better fend off the negative sides from the pandemic. We’ve seen more and more people with a synchronized thought that what kind of mode and scene is on earth the nearest optimization to the call of the fast-changing world compatible both for the present and the future.

Well, you might have already got it right when reading the title of the article. Good Display, with a firm and steady faith, we are convinced that E-paper display is just one of the answers. This low power, bi-stable (the last image updated on the screen can long stay on even after you disconnect the power-supply) and batch-controlled innovative display has drawn public attention since the merits of E-paper display’s been discovered and been applied into many fields. E-paper display has enlightened on us on constructing a smart office which is paper-less, low power and with more efficiency.


Smart Office
Digital Conference Table Card


The digital conference table card compared with the tradition paper one, can be used repetitively by personnel to batch-upload data, to fast edit content to be displayed at only one deployment. Especially for convention with colossal size, E-paper digital conference table cards can save you large amount of cost in money, time and personnel. This application is really a paradigm for a paper-less, environmental-friendly and highly efficient scenario.




Digital ID Card & Name Plate


Traditional ID card and name plate need to be man-handled,which is inevitable to see some mistakes of records to be made. In addition to that, the work load of it for relevant personnel and the embarrassing fact of enormous waste are also problems needing to be addressed. However, all things can be managed at one time because of the light, energy-saving bi-stable E-paper display. The clear content and image can long stay on the screen even after you put-off the power.




Digital Conference Number Plate


E-paper display is bi-stable, which means the power is only eaten during the image updating. With digital conference number plate, you can check the real-time state of the conference room, book them directly via the number plate, invite personnel for the meeting, reply to messages and etc. Thus, this application helps company to optimize the schedule for a more efficient work place.




E-paper Display Interactive White Board


E-paper display interactive white board is a great replacement for the traditional white board, which also supports hand-writing, wireless connection, real-time information sharing and etc to boost the efficiency in communication of companies. Since it’s bi-stable, words or images once being wrote or drawn can long remain on the board, friendly to the users in using experience and low energy-cost. 




E-paper Display Laptop


With an E-paper display laptop, you can simply hand make notes and save your files. Everything you need is easy to find and can be shared wireless. More importantly, it’s zero-glared and paper-like, which is conducive for human eyes and also for lifting your efficiency.




Smart Life
Digital Transport/Bust Stop Signage



Digital transport signage excels the traditional one in that besides display bus routes, it can timely update the real-time information of traffic, news, forecast weather and etc, bringing more convenience to public transport.




E-paper Display Parking Meter


Parking meters equipped with E-paper display can use words and images to inform people the exact state of parking lot, readable even in sunlight and cost very little power.





Digital Card


Smart card made from E-paper display can display different contents based on specific needs to benefit our lives. Of course, they are also bi-stable, able to be used repetitively and target right to the trend-sustainability. There is no reason we do not believe digital cards of E-paper will be a meteoric rising star even to the extent of mainstream product among smart cards.




E-paper Display Smart Logistics


Covid-19 has forced more of us to opt for online shopping and at the same time we’ve seen a rise of E-paper logistics label being applied into smart logistics and smart storage.
These E-paper labels can display the details, time, location and other information of packages quickly and accurately and also offers to buyers a logistics log to rest-assure them. The QR code on the display is in high resolution and easy to read, which is an important factor contributing to the accuracy and efficiency during the whole delivery.




Digital Smart Hospital


With bunch of merits such as energy-saving, bi-stable, zero-glare and no blue-ray, E-paper display won’t disturb patients that need a good rest. Therefore, it’s the best choice of screens in smart medical ward for a digital reform of the hospital and also better medical treatment for the patients. Now we’ve seen applications like: digital ward number plate, medicine shelf label, hospital bed number plate, digital information board and etc.
Good Display firmly believes that E-paper display will continue to evolve, spread into more aspects of our life as mankind strives for better and more advanced ideas and technologies. And we will continue to be of your good service as a professional and experienced E-paper supplier for a smarter, faster and clearer future for us all!
The future with E-paper has called upon us. Are you ready?




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