Digital Reform Beginning with Smart E-table Cards


2022-04-28 13:27


China’s central government has put forward a strategic plan of digitalizing China. It aims at boosting the digital economy, developing the digital government and constructing a digital ecosystem. As a quick response to that, Ningbo before long has held a conference adding the digital reform to its agenda. The conference calls on everyone to be the innovative and creative pioneer in order to make Ningbo as the leading player in the field.

It should be noted during the conference that smart e-table cards made their impressive appearance. They are the epitomes of innovative office application in the digital reform and consisted a splendid scene for the important occasion.



However, it was not the debut for these smart e-table cards. Depending on the excellent performance, well-known brand and the powerful promotion from its distributors, these e-table cards have already been applied into numerous conferences in China, indicating the realization and prevalence of paperless-conference.

Combined with e-paper display and IoT technology, they can display information from the software via WiFi.

The display of e-table cards is paper-like, able to erase, to refresh and it is bi-stable which means the display can be long remained even if the power is cut off. Besides, it consumes very little electricity; it is not back-lit or reflective. Therefore, it is conducive to the environment and also to human eyes. The application can choose either active e-table cards or passive e-table cards according to the actual needs. Active e-table card exclusively supports GSM and CDMA networks and is equipped with AI, big data and IoT to construct smart office system to help manage the platform. It also supports to batch input data from terminals and to one click-setting multiple personalized templates with convenience; passive e-table card is equipped with NFC technology so that it can operate without power supply.


Compared with LED, LCD displays, this smart e-table card using e-paper has significant advantages in efficiency, power consumption, environmental protection and convenience in deployment. It is the best choice and the best helper of digital paperless smart office application.

Not only in China, we are also looking forward to promoting the use of e-table cards to countries around the world and to witnessing more and more individuals and enterprises benefiting from e-paper and IoT.


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