1.02 inch Mini flexible e-paper display ACF Thermal Compression Bonding, GDEW0102I4FC

This is a mini flexible e-paper display, 1.02 inch, with 128x80 resolution, UC8175, SPI interface, and the e-paper screen supports partial refresh.

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1.54 inch flexible e-paper display small e-ink screen ACF Thermal Compression Bonding, GDEW0154I9FC

This is a 1.54 inch flexible e-paper display with 152x152 resolution, UC8151D, SPI interface, and this small e-ink screen display supports partial refresh and 4 grayscale.

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1.54 inch tri-color red E Ink screen color e-paper 200x200 resolution, GDEH0154Z90

This is a tri-color e ink screen, 1.54 inch, with 200x200 resolution, SSD1681, SPI interface.

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2.13 inch E Ink screen 212x104 UC8521D color epaper display, GDEQ0213Z19

This is a color e ink screen, 2.13 inch, with 212x104 resolution, UC8251D, SPI interface.

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