E-paper Reshaping Traditional Office


2022-04-28 13:27

Since 2020, Covid-19 has eternally changed our life, catalyzing an evolution of diversity in office and bringing us into brainstorming the office work routine in new times.



Reconsidering the Needs in New Times Office Works


Try to picture this, get ourselves stuck in those cubicles where we hurry to print and save considerable amount of paper; exhaust too much time and resources because of endless typing and revising contents; and even to be driven crazy for making mistakes in delay of notifying the state of meeting room... What on earth is the suitable office routine for the needs in the new times? What on earth is the crucial factor of efficient work that enterprises have been long pursuing?



E-paper Display Empowers Enterprises' Efficiency

Rocketing technologies of Internet, IoT, digital and among others enable the innovative E-paper technology to exert its edges to the application in office. Diminishing paper consumption to expand margins for enterprises in resources, energy, time and running the company, E-paper meets all the needs of efficient work in new times.





With a E-note you can remark at any time and manage your files because it's easy to save, to search and to transmit documents, which doubles your efficiency. Besides this, EPDs is paper-like and completely non-detrimental to the eye so that you can experience as same as when reading on paper. One charge can support three week's need.



Smart E-paper Badge


Deployed with these traits: low power consumption, light weight, bi-stable and combined with wireless transmission , E-paper badge can help to realize the fool-proof update of staff identity and information change at real time so that enterprises can cut down the cost on time and fees when undergoing making and revising traditional badges over and over again.



E-paper Table Card


E-paper smart table card can replace the traditional paper conference table card, support remote management and be recycled, batch imported, allow to quickly modify information, and help reduce the artificial error rate. It has ultra-low power consumption and supports to display the image unless it is turned off. The contents on E-paper table card can be seen clearly under strong light and backlight with near 180° view sight.



E-paper Interactive White Board


Another application of E-paper that can empower enterprises’ communication efficiency is E-paper Interactive Whiteboard which has the identical print-like visual experience and supports wireless connection, to share and update information at real time. The bi-stable trait enables e-ink image to always stay on the display so that it can help save energy.



E-paper Number Plate


E-paper Number Plate consumes power only after the page has been updated; It can be used to check the using state of meeting room, the duration of a meeting, the topic of the meeting and supports to order the use of the meeting room via the terminal backstage ahead of time, to invite personnel that will attend the meeting, to reply messages and so on. Therefore, E-paper Number Plate can help avoid overlapping of schedules, save time and improve efficiency.

Traditional office pattern is without doubt estranging from us under the new times background as we are embracing the future and discovering better office pattern. Good-display is determined to seize the opportunity to help enterprises home and abroad construct a smart office!


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